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(CorpUtation©= Metric for Education Alignment +

Accountability to Business and Job Creation)

The Net value to your firm is that we can reduce your global  recruiting costs by up to 20% while better aligning your corporate requirements with education (e.g. community colleges, universities etc..).


·         We are the only 3rd party (Non Profit) provider that incorporates education, and job creation as part of our offering,

·         We guarantee comparable quality, at a savings up to 20% versus the firms you currently work with.


We can prove this given the chance!



Is it possible to obtain several of your firms workforce hiring requirements to work on?


   Net Effect

·         Overall cost reduction of firm wide (multidiscipline), workforce acquisitions (up to 20% versus your existing process),

·         Reduction of the adoption lifecycle for new technologies introduced,

·         Greater business-education alignment,

·         Development of new revenue stream opportunities for schools,

·         Sustainable improvement of the local-regional-national economy.


           Zero Risk to your firm

·         Our Talent Staffing/Recruiting partners  include boutique specialists, to several of the nation’s largest firms servicing (Global) requirements for small-midsize business  (SMB)  up to Fortune 100 sized national, and multinational corporations,

·         Our partners include disability, and diversity specialists, and in most instances we find our partners have had working relationships with firms such as your own,

·         Our partners are highly qualified in delivering talent, at equal/superior quality, and less costs than your existing process,

·         This effort funds the work required to better align business requirements of firms like your own, with local/regional/national universities & community colleges,

·         The whole program is funded by MARC3  partners engaged by firms such as your own for the purpose of full time/staff augmentation placement.




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