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June 29,2012


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Midwest Academic and Resilience Cloud Computing Consortium (MARC³) www.Marc3.info

((Closed Meeting))

http://www.polymerohio.org/images/blank.png http://www.polymerohio.org/images/blank.png http://www.polymerohio.org/images/blank.png((Non Disclosure Access Required of All Participants))


Establishing Confidence in Return On Investment for

Digital Technology Adoption


Use of the Confidence Index (CI) in addressing 4 common barriers Enterprise, Academia, Government, Small Medium Enterprise face in Digital Technology Adoption for competitive advantage:


1. Accessibility

2. Ease of Use

3. Sustainability

4. Outreach




8:00-8:30              Arrival and networking

8:30-8:45              Greetings and overview

8:45-9:30              Project/Pilot Characteristics (e.g. deliverables, timing etc..)

9:30-10:45           Confidence Index establishing probability of expected Return On Investment

10:45-12:00          Confidence Index coupled with Predictive Analytics insuring “Successful Outcome” of Project/Pilot phases

12:00-12:15        Next Steps!



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