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October 26, 2012


Midwest Academic and Resilience Cloud Computing Consortium (MARC³) www.Marc3.info

((Closed Meeting))

((Non-Disclosure Access Required of All Participants))


Chief Information Officer Assistance


·      Competing with Managed Service Providers


·      Consulting Strategic Business Unit (SBU)_


·      Cloud Feasibility Assessment


MARC³ Support System

Cloud Aggregators & Brokers


·      Chief Information Officer (CIO) Servicing the Strategic Business Unit (SBU)


·      Cloud Vendors Servicing Other cloud Vendors


·      Universities, Community Colleges, K-12


·      Local, State, Federal Governments


·      Enterprise & Supply Chain


·      Associations


 MARC³ Confidence Index (CI)

Job Creation, Economic Development, Enhanced Business Competitiveness


·      Establishing Confidence in Return On Investment for Cloud Technology


·      Addressing Buyer & Seller Uncertainty of future cloud market


·      Acceleration of Digital Technology Adoption



Use of the Confidence Index (CI) in addressing 4 common barriers to Digital Technology Adoption 

·      Accessibility


·      Ease of Use


·      Sustainability


·       Outreach 




8:00-8:30 Arrival and networking

8:30-8:45 Greetings and overview

8:45-10:45  CxO Panel Discussion (Business Requirements)

10:45-12:00 End User Project/Pilot Characteristics

12:00-12:15 Next Steps!

RSVP to John Jones johnjones@marc3.info


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