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May 7, 2010


Harold Washington College

30 E Lake St.

Chicago, IL  60601

Room 1115




Cloud Computing Workshop

featuring Intel IT

Hosted by City Colleges of Chicago, the Cloud Computing Council and the Security Board


May 7, 2010  8:30 am – 11:30 am (Networking 8:30 -9:00am)



Cloud computing is a significant trend with the potential to increase agility and reduce costs.  Intel IT has developed an enterprise cloud computing strategy with a focus on growing the cloud from the inside out.   Cloud Computing offers businesses the promise of new levels of efficiency, scale and agility.  It is likely the next phase of computing evolution.  As the promise of the cloud begins to become a reality, important design decisions need to be made today for data centers to realize their full potential in the coming era.  

Cloud computing offers energy efficiency, a simplified infrastructure and multi-vendor innovation, a key design consideration for cloud computing is security.   In a multi-tenant environment it is imperative that isolation is maintained between separate entities; and personal and company data should be protected both at rest and in flight.  Delivering the capability to audit and report on infrastructure security is a key design element that must be considered.  This workshop is targeted for data center planners, computing architects and IT managers, and will review the key security concerns around highly-virtualized cloud computing and techniques to address them.

Logo - Intel

 Intel workshop hosted by City Colleges of Chicago 5/7



Introduction - President John Wozniak, Harold Washington College -

 Dick Arns 

Jeff Casazza - Part I Part II Part III

Leslie Xu





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